CATCH aims to engage and support scientists that focus on:

  • How physical, chemical, biological, and ecological changes in the polar oceans, sea ice, and snow impact atmospheric chemistry
  • How atmosphere-ocean interactions determine atmospheric chemistry
  • Understanding feedbacks between cryospheric climate change and atmospheric chemistry
  • How aerosols are formed and processed in cold regions
  • Aerosols and their role in cloud formation
  • Using ice core records to understanding past atmospheric composition

CATCH scientists achieve these objectives by designing joint projects in the field, lab, and via modeling studies as well as collaborating across disciplines.


CATCH takes advantage of the inherently international nature of Polar and cold region research. CATCH addresses overarching science questions that are not achievable by any single nation. To do this, CATCH helps to:

  • Coordinate international & transdisciplinary research projects
  • Foster and engage the science community
  • Encourage long term planning
  • Engage & train early career scientists
  • Engage the public & stakeholders